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NOTICE: Per contract with the City of Fort Lauderdale GCSC members may not ski on Mondays. The use of the lake is reserved for fishermem on Mondays throughout the year. CLUB KEY EXCHANGE IS SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 7 AT THE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETING. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND SO YOU MAY CONTINUE TO UNLOCK THE GATE AND LAUNCH.

The Gold Coast Ski Club was formed in 1965 in Delray Beach, Florida. We are an incorporated, non-profit organization funded by club dues, paid performances, tournaments, fund-raising activities and donations. Our equipment is purchased and maintained entirely through the efforts of club members and business sponsorships. The purpose of The Gold Coast Ski Club is to promote the sport of water skiing & water safety, to develop & maintain facilities for water skiing and to gain interest in water skiing among surrounding communities. Our Club members organize, promote and help protect the sport of water skiing. Gold Coast Ski Club members range in age from three to sixty years old, with family participation involved in anything from sewing and building to driving and skiing. It is our goal to make water-skiing fun and offer training that will help you learn and improve your skills. The club has opportunities for everyone regardless of age or ability!
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Volunteers are needed for committees of your choice. We are currently seeking volunteers to mentor our new members. Be available to assist with club functions and answer questions new members may have or how about contributing a snack and/or refreshments at club meetings. It's a "Pay It Forwad" kind of thing. or
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