1.  Boats shall not drive down the center line of the slalom course (between the yellow boat guide buoys) unless towing a slalom skier or calibrating speed control equipment or speedometers.

2. If a slalom course buoy or magnet is clipped, it is the GCSC permitted boat owner's responsibility to immediately replace it in accordance with the slalom course assembly/repair procedures set forth on the GCSC website, utilizing the materials stored at the north end of Lake Lauderdale in the dock box. Members were given the access code with their club welcome letters. If a member has misplaced the code please contact the President to regain access.

3. If a slalom course shore-to-shore line is cut, it is the GCSC permitted boat owner's responsibility to imediately contact the President.

4. If a GCSC member witnesses and infranction of Rules 1,2,3, he/she shall immediately notify the president of the infraction.

5. All owners of boats to be permitted by the GCSC must physically demonstrate the approved slalom course buoy assembly procedure, as illustrated on the GCSC website,  prior to receiving their key to the boat ramp.

These are Type II Rules: A violation will result in a 30-day suspension on the first violation and a revocation of membership on the second violation.

New Rules for the Slalom Course  

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